EU observation mission starts deployment to regions for 2020 elections

12:36 | Lima, Dec. 30.

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EUEOM) has begun its deployment to various regions of Peru, EUEOM Deputy Chief Observer Manuel Sanchez de Nogues reported on Monday.

As he noted, these are 50 long-term observers who were trained in the last three days following their arrival in Peru, and who will now start to fulfill their corresponding duties.

"The long-term observation is comprehensive, independent, and without interference in the electoral process," he told Canal N.

The official explained that the work will not only focus on the voting day but also includes the campaigns, the work of the electoral system institutions, and the calculation of results, as well as of possible appeals.

In addition to the 50 long-term observers, there is a central team with nine analysts in the country.

Prior to the vote, they will be reinforced with a delegation from the European Parliament and observers recruited from embassies of the EU member countries with presence in Peru.

"In the end, we will be some 100 (people)," Sanchez de Nogues said.

24,799,384 Peruvian citizens are eligible to participate in the upcoming elections —scheduled for January 26, 2020— both in their home country and from abroad.


Published: 12/30/2019
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