Peru: Executive Branch calls legislative elections for Jan 26, 2020

15:01 | Lima, Oct. 1.

Peruvian Executive Branch has called new parliamentary elections for January 26, 2020, according to a supreme decree published in El Peruano official gazette.

The document also confirms the dissolution of Congress, which failed to deliver a vote of confidence in two Cabinets of the same Government (2016-2021). 

It also indicates that only the Permanent Commission of Congress will continue to function.

Furthermore, it revokes the mandate of lawmakers who are not part of the Permanent Commission. In addition, any activity arising from parliamentary duties —carried out by Congress members whose mandate has been revoked— lacks legitimacy and legal effectiveness. 

Article 134 of the Constitution states that the President of the Republic has the power to dissolve Congress if the latter has passed the motion of censure or denied the vote of confidence to two Cabinets.

As is known, Congress had already granted a no-confidence vote to a former Cabinet in September 2017. At that time, Mr. Vizcarra was serving as Vice-President.

On September 27, former Prime Minister Salvador del Solar requested Parliament to summon him for the next plenary session in order to address the confidence motion —submitted by the Executive Branch to Congress— regarding the election of the Constitutional Court members.

"Afterwards, on September 30, 2019, Congress refused to receive the President of the Council of Ministers, despite the fact that Article 129 of the Constitution states that he may attend sessions of Congress and participate in its debates with the same prerogatives as legislators," reads the decree.

Additionally, it indicates that even though Del Solar was able to present the confidence motion —thus requesting to change the modality used to select the Constitutional Court members— it was not debated or put to a vote.  

"In the face of the factual refusal of the confidence motion and, with full respect for the Constitution, I have decided to constitutionally dissolve Congress and call new legislative elections," said President Vizcarra in a speech read from the Government Palace on Monday. 

The supreme decree was signed by President Vizcarra and recently-appointed Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos. 


Published: 10/1/2019
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