Anti-corruption fight to enable further Europe investment in Peru

00:00 | Lima, Jun. 7.

Sweden's State Secretary to Minister for Foreign Trade Niklas Johansson has affirmed the anti-corruption fight embarked upon by Peru would contribute to increasing European and Swedish investment flows to the South American nation's economy.

"What matters the most to Swedish firms —in terms of services or products— is the way the situation is handled in Peru, and one of the important things is the fight against corruption," he told Andina news agency.

Johansson indicated that Sweden-based companies seek to invest in a market where sustainable practices can be implemented.

"A lot of work focuses on anti-corruption. It does help so as to increase European and Swedish investments to Peru, as they pay attention to these things," he affirmed.

The official indicated that Peru's efforts to combat corruption will help develop trade with Sweden.

"One of the things we notice in Peru is that high-ranking officials go to jail, and you can notice that (…) work is being carried out here, people have had enough of corruption (…). We have to change this around the world," he stated.

Likewise, Johansson expressed the Swedish readiness to support Peru's fight against corruption.

Remarks were made after attending the event "Mining for the Future: Sweden's Experience," held by Peru's College of Engineers in Lima.


Published: 6/7/2019
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