Peru Attorney General: Port's White Collars criminal organization does exist

13:20 | Lima, Jan. 11.

Interim Attorney General Zoraida Avalos affirmed the Port's While Collars criminal organization indeed exists, and it is not a "badly-written script" as —former Attorney General and alleged member of the gang— Pedro Chavarry had claimed.

"I do not endorse nor agree with that opinion," Avalos told RPP TV and radio station. 

"The (Port's) White Collars case is not a badly-written script," she stressed. 

On the other hand, the Attorney General highlighted the efforts undertaken by Callao region's prosecutors who uncovered the existence of this group accused of allegedly having committed corruption crimes and influence peddling within the justice administration institutions, such as Callao Superior Court and the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) —now renamed National Justice Board.

According to Callao Prosecutor Sandra Castro's report, Chavarry had been a member of the criminal organization led by dismissed Supreme Judge Cesar Hinostroza. As is known, Hinostroza fled Peru last October but was later detained and taken to prison in Spain.

In July 2018, investigate site IDL-Reporteros released audio recordings, which contained unethical conversations involving CNM members, judges, businesspeople, and politicians from the Inca country. The revelations prompted a scandal in the justice system.

In this sense, Avalos indicated her office has ordered the creation of a special technical commission so it can listen and transcribe almost 20,000 CNM audio recordings that have not been analyzed yet.

Furthermore, the prosecutors in charge of the investigations will be able to choose the staff that will assist them in this task. 

"I will not impose anything on them. (…) I will intend to provide all the support they need," she concluded. 


Published: 1/11/2019
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