President Castillo: We are here to serve Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

12:55 | Lima, Dec. 5.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Sunday affirmed that his administration exists to serve Peru, its organizations and institutions.

At the event, the Head of State paid tribute to the members of said institution, of whom he highlighted their courage and selflessness.

"I urge Interior Minister to send us —through the commander general of the Fire Department— your demands in order address them. That's why we are here, to serve Peru, its organizations and institutions," Castillo emphasized.

The country's top official remarked that the CGBVP is engaged with the population 24 hours a day, responding to the emergencies and hardships the country is facing.

However, he said, they do not have the proper logistics: their vehicle fleet, ambulances, fire trucks, and tanks are several years old.

In order to address this situation, the Government is today delivering 18 tanker trucks (5 of which with a capacity of 5,000 gallons of water and 13 with a capacity of 1,500 gallons), as well as 20 double cab fire rescue vehicles.

"These vehicles will strengthen their emergency service and are the result of the endeavor of the State to support firefighters," the Peruvian leader stated, noting that firefighters respond to more than 120,000 emergencies a year.


Publicado: 5/12/2021