Peruvian student takes second at History Channel contest

14:07 | Lima, Dec. 7.

Peruvian university student Hernan Asto Cabezas won second place in the international contest "An Idea to Change History," sponsored by the History Channel Latin America.

ALINTI —the project's name— is a hybrid clay device that generates a new energy source through five species of anaerobic bacteria and aerobic rhizospheres.

The device uses a number of selected tuberous and ramified roots to do so.

ALINTI (Aymara and Quechua words meaning plant and sun) was among the top 10 most innovative projects along with Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, and other countries.

Over 7,000 candidates from all over the world applied at first, and only 10 finalists were shortlisted.

The Peruvian initiative collected more than 71,000 votes. Those who reached the final phase will secure funding from the television network. In the case of Peru, the project will receive US$40,000.

"I'm very proud of being Peruvian and Latin American. Thanks to everyone who trusted us and my idea to change history. Thanks to my family, my teachers, to Peru, and everyone who voted and believed in us," Asto stated.

"ALINTI is a very important project that we are working to make possible," added the Alas Peruanas University student.

The project will be implemented in rural communities across Peru in order to benefit more than 4 million citizens lacking access to electricity.

Additionally, it will have an important impact on rural Latin American localities where said vital resource is scarce.


Publicado: 7/12/2018