Peruvian delegation wins international arbitration competition

18:58 | Bogota (Colombia), Oct. 9.

A Peruvian delegation —composed of graduate and undergraduate law students from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)— won first place at the XI International Arbitration Competition held in Bogota, Colombia.

The team —led by Professor Elvira Martinez— was made up of undergraduate students Luciana Marquez, Alejandra Garcia, Hernan Castro, Wendy Figueroa and Gonzalo Salvador, as well as a graduate called Mitzy Longa. 

It must be noted Longa was named the "Best Speaker" of the event. 

"This competition is intended to promote arbitration as an alternative solution mechanism to international conflicts," UPC Law Program Director Beatriz Miranda explained. 

The XI International Arbitration Competition was an academic event co-organized by Universidad de Buenos Aires' (Argentina) and Universidad del Rosario's (Colombia) Schools of Law. 

On this occasion, 52 universities —both public and private— from 15 countries participated in the contest. 

It should be noted UPC has grabbed the first spot at the 2008 and 2015 editions. Thus, this win marks the third victory for the educational institution.


Publicado: 9/10/2018