Peru's PM message to Amazonas' people: State is with you

Photo: Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM)

Photo: Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM)

09:39 | Santa Maria de Nieva (Amazonas region), Nov. 29.

Peru's Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez on Sunday traveled to the locality of Santa Maria de Nieva in Amazonas region —joined by a delegation from the Executive Branch— to assess the situation in areas affected by the 7.5 magnitude quake and coordinate actions to meet people's major requirements.

In her speech, Vasquez expressed the Government's willingness to work so that the affected population feels the State is with them.

"We want you to feel that the State is here, close to you, and that it is worried about you. To that end, we are taking note of your major requirements," she remarked.

The high-ranking official emphasized that for many years the Peruvian State has forgotten communities in these areas of the country.

"We have talked with your authorities, who have not only reported on the situation following the quake, but also on your requirements, which have not been met for many years," she stated.

The Cabinet chief went on to say that, starting today, several teams of experts from different sectors will go to the (affected) area to meet the demands and urgent needs of the population.

Vasquez was accompanied by Ministers Victor Maita (Agrarian Development and Irrigation), Anahi Durand (Women and Vulnerable Populations), and Roberto Sanchez (Foreign Trade and Tourism), as well as Army General Commander Walter Cordova.

The delegation also included Deputy Transportation Minister Fabiola Caballero, EsSalud Executive-President Mario Carhuapoma, Hombro a Hombro Association Executive Director Juan Manuel Arribas, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci), and the Hombro a Hombro civil organization.

The seismic event occurred at 05:52 a.m. (local time) at a depth of 131 km and its epicenter was located 98 km east of the town of Santa Maria de Nieva, in Nieva district (Condorcanqui province), near the border with Ecuador.

The quake was felt with intensity VII in Santa Maria de Nieva, as well as in Chachapoyas —the capital of the region. In addition, due to its large magnitude, it was also felt in Peruvian capital Lima and various cities across the country.


Publicado: 29/11/2021