Peru to be among region's fastest growing countries over next four years

Photo: ANDINA/Andrés Valle

Photo: ANDINA/Andrés Valle

14:16 | New York (U.S.), Sep. 21.

Peru will be among the fastest growing countries in the region over the next four years, posting an average annual expansion of 3.5%, Economy and Finance Minister Kurt Burneo affirmed.

The government official stressed Peru's macroeconomic strength and the rapid recovery of production activity, despite the shocks of COVID-19 that affected all countries around the world.

"So much so that, for example, Peru will register one of the highest growth rates in the region in the following four years, posting an annual expansion of 3.5%," Burneo explained.

It should be noted that a set of economic policy measures will be implemented to reactivate the economy in Peru.

The Peru Boost Plan aims to revive and boost sustained economic growth, as well as to promote job creation.

Said plan contains three fundamental pillars and seeks to support different segments of the economy:

- Support for micro and small-sized enterprises (MSEs)

- Boost to sectors that are intensive in job creation.

- Support for vulnerable families.

Foreigners are interested in Peru

The minister highlighted President Castillo's trip to New York, along with a ministerial delegation, in order to participate in the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 77), which began on September 19 and will end on September 21, as well as in meetings with entrepreneurs and investors.

"At the meeting, the entrepreneurs' idea was basically to ask about some aspects that may lead to controversies, through information that the country itself provides," he remarked.

"For example, they are interested in how investment will be promoted, on the understanding that investment is key to boosting the country's economic activity," the government official stated.


Publicado: 21/9/2022