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Peru: Six lawyers included in Keiko Fujimori investigation

17:53 | Lima, Dec. 13.

Six attorneys in charge of Keiko Fujimori's and Fuerza Popular political party's defense during the Odebrecht case hearings have been included in the investigation against her for allegedly having obstructed justice.

The measure was taken by Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez

According to Perez's arguments, the lawyers allegedly put pressure on the witnesses to prevent them from testifying or —otherwise— in order to make false claims at the hearings.

Fujimori's attorney Guiliana Loza is among the accused, along with Arsenio Ore Guardia, Edward Garcia Navarro, Luis Ernesto Lazo Mendoza, Lorena Mariana Gamero Calero, and Danae Alessandra Calderon Castro. 
On the other hand, the document requests the extension of the preparatory investigation against Keiko Fujimori and her advisor Vicente Silva Checa for the same reason. 

The judge considered the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori posed a high risk of flight, plus this measure would prevent disruptions to the probe. 

The magistrate said there is serious suspicion that Fuerza Popular leader Fujimori had allegedly participated in money laundering offenses, as the head of a criminal organization within the party.

Additionally, Concepcion Carhuancho confirmed there is a high degree of probability that Odebrecht had paid US$1 million to Keiko Fujimori's 2011 campaign through fake donors and unjustified activities

The magistrate pointed out the money came from the Division of Structured Operations —the Brazilian company's bribery department. Thus, the assets —intended for the campaign— were illegal and derived from unaccounted payments. 

Likewise, this affirmation was supported by former Odebrecht executives' statements given to the authorities through plea bargain deals.


Publicado: 13/12/2018