Peru Judge: Odebrecht paid US$1 million to Keiko Fujimori campaign

19:01 | Lima, Oct. 31.

Peru's First Preparatory Investigation Court Head Judge Richard Concepcion Carhuancho on Wednesday affirmed there is a high degree of probability that corruption-tainted Odebrecht had paid US$1 million to Keiko Fujimori's 2011 presidential campaign through fake donors and unjustified activities.

According to him, Fujimori had arranged the acceptance of money through former ministers Jaime Yoshiyama and Augusto Bedoya. Both of them have been accused by the prosecutors as illegal money collectors. 

The magistrate pointed out the money came from Odebrecht's Division of Structured Operations —the company's bribery department. Thus, the assets —intended for the campaign— were illegal and originated from unaccounted payments. 

Furthermore, this affirmation is supported by former Odebrecht executives' statements to the authorities through plea bargain deals.

"The delivery was made in cash, in accordance with Jorge Barata's declarations and phone conversations with Yoshiyama, which confirm the coordination in the release of funds," he said. 

More assets were given to Fuerza 2011's presidential campaign through current Congressman Rolando Reategui, who received US$100,000 from Ana Tarazona under the guidelines of Keiko Fujimori. He would later pass the money on to fake donors, so they could make bank deposits from northern San Martin region, his hometown.

Judge Concepcion Carhuancho also indicated Keiko Fujimori was aware of Odebrecht's illegal activities, a company she would have favored with her vote on an investigation regarding the Inter-Oceanic Highway, while she served as congresswoman (2006-2011).


Published: 10/31/2018
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