Peru: President Vizcarra recognized as Supreme Chief of Armed Forces and Police

10:05 | Lima, Apr. 6.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday was recognized as Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru in a ceremony held at the Army headquarters in Lima's San Borja district.

The recognition was awarded in accordance with Article 167 of the Constitution.

The event was attended by Ministers Jose Huerta (Defense) and Mauro Medina (Interior), as well as high-ranking officers of the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Police.

The ceremony kicked off at about 8:00 A.M. upon arrival of Mr. Vizcarra.

The Head of State sang the national anthem, joined by attendees, after reviewing the troops.

Then, he was granted the military baton, thus becoming the Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces and National Police.

Afterwards, the Peruvian leader said a few words to the audience and witnessed the military parade at the Army facilities.


Publicado: 6/4/2018