Peru: President visits Ucayali to inspect public works and meet with authorities

10:23 | Curimana (Ucayali region), Oct. 12.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Tuesday arrived in Ucayali region to inspect the progress of different public works in the fields of transport, education, and health care, as well as coordinate actions with regional and local authorities.

Upon arrival, the Head of State and his delegation will go to Curimana, a district located in Padre Abad Province.

Once there, the top official will inspect the facilities of the district's school and health care center. He will also meet with Mayor William Muñoz.

Afterwards, Mr. Castillo will go to Curimana's Main Square to collect the population's demands.

In addition, his visit's program includes an inspection of works on Neshuya-Curimana Road, as well as meetings with Ucayali Governor Francisco Pezo and Coronel Portillo Province Mayor Segundo Perez.

At the end of his visit, the President will meet with more than 15 district mayors in the city of Pucallpa (Coronel Portillo Province).

During this trip, the Peruvian leader is accompanied by Ministers Hernando Cevallos (Health), Victor Mayta (Agrarian Development and Irrigation), Geiner Alvarado (Housing, Construction, and Sanitation), and Eduardo González (Energy and Mines).


Publicado: 12/10/2021