Peru: President Boluarte leads Council of Ministers session

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

11:08 | Lima, Apr. 1.

The President of the Republic Dina Boluarte is heading a new session of the Council of Ministers.

According to the Presidency of the Republic, the event started at 10:00 a.m. (local time).

This meeting between the Head of State and Cabinet members is held at the Government Palace in Lima.

About the sessions

The Council of Ministers sessions serve to discuss and analyze projects at the national level, as well as to adopt measures for the benefit of the country.

It is the duty of the Cabinet:

1. To approve the bills submitted to Congress by the President of the Republic.

2. To approve legislative and urgency decrees enacted by the President of the Republic, as well as bills, decrees, and resolutions as set forth by law. 

3. To deliberate on matters of public interest. 

4. To perform other duties as set forth in the Constitution and law.


Publicado: 1/4/2024