Peru: Over 300,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in indigenous communities

09:01 | Lima, Sep. 29.

More than 300,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses have so far been administered in regions with indigenous populations, as part of the territorial immunization strategy led by the Regional Health Directorates (Diresa) at regional governments, the Ministry of Culture has reported.

As part of this strategy, more than 30 intercultural agents from the Ministry of Culture strengthen the dissemination of messages in 22 indigenous languages —and their varieties— over the importance of the vaccine to curb the pandemic.

This effort included around 300 awareness sessions and more than 95 vaccination campaigns carried out in regions with indigenous populations.

Campaign in Sarhua 

Last weekend, Culture Minister Ciro Galvez participated in the vaccination process in the city of Sarhua (Ayacucho region), where he underscored the effectiveness of the vaccine and the role that intercultural agents play in guiding citizens through this inoculation process.

"Everybody must get vaccinated because this is still an incurable disease and many compatriots have passed away; the vaccine is the only way that can help us out," the government official commented.

"I am very happy to see that the elderly are getting vaccinated. We all should get vaccinated and take care of ourselves," he added.

The vaccination drive in Sarhua was conducted by Diresa Ayacucho's health team, after a call issued by the Municipality of Sarhua and the team of intercultural agents from the Ministry of Culture.

Quechua people over the age of 18 received the second dose of the vaccine as part of this campaign.


Publicado: 28/9/2021