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Peru: National production up 3.47% in Nov 2021

Photo: ANDINA/Norman Cordova

Photo: ANDINA/Norman Cordova

12:28 | Lima, Jan. 15.

National production rose by 3.47% in November 2021 due to the positive result of most economic sectors, with the exception of mining-hydrocarbons, construction, and finance-insurance, the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) reported on Saturday.

In its National Production technical report, INEI revealed that economic activity grew 13.26% in the annualized period (December 2020-November 2021).

It should be noted that, in the base month for comparison (November 2020), the fourth phase of economic reactivation was in force, in which the authorization for conducting various economic activities was granted. These included the following sectors: trade and services, with a certain capacity limit.

Nonetheless, other activities remained suspended in accordance with the qualification linked to the state of health emergency so as to ensure social distancing.

INEI reported that agricultural production rose by 2.01% last November if compared to the same month in 2020. Similarly, the livestock subsector registered a growth of 2.43%.

For its part, the fisheries sector increased by 13.03% in November 2021 thanks to greater landing of maritime origin species (+13.36%) destined for indirect human consumption (fishmeal and fish oil). It was a period in which the extraction of anchovy totaled 917,779 tons, which if compared to the 713,956 tons reported in the same month of the previous year, showed an increase of 28.55%.

Furthermore, manufacturing production registered a rise of 3.83% last November due to greater dynamism of the non-primary manufacturing subsector (+8.81%). On the contrary, the primary subsector went down (-9.11%).

The performance of the non-primary subsector was determined by greater activity of its three components: intermediate goods industry (+11.7%), consumer goods (+5.45%), and capital goods (+7.77%).

The electricity, gas, and water sector grew 3.19% in November last year due to the positive result of its three components: electricity subsector (+3.30%), gas distribution subsector (+5.88%), and water subsector (+1.95%).

The trade sector rose by 3.82% in the analyzed month given the favorable result of vehicle sales and repair (+8.53%), wholesale (+3.71%), and retail (+2.8%).


For its part, the mining and hydrocarbons sector registered a contraction of 5.29% given the negative performance of the metallic mining subsector (-5.85%) due to lower volumes of zinc (-18.4%), iron (-15.8%), copper (-6.5%) and lead (-5%). However, the production of molybdenum (+8%), tin (+3.5%), gold (+2.7%) and silver (+0.8%) registered growth figures.

Within this framework, the hydrocarbons subsector decreased by 1.88% because of lower exploitation of natural gas liquids (-6.7%) and natural gas (-4.2%), whereas crude oil production went up (+13.3%).

The construction sector's production declined by 5.78% due to the contraction of public investment in construction (-19.64%) and internal cement consumption (-1.33%).


Publicado: 15/1/2022