Peru: More than 6,000 ha of coca crops eradicated to date

19:14 | Lima, Jun. 9.

The Ministry of Interior —through the Special Project for Control and Reduction of Illegal Crops in Alto Huallaga (Corah)— has eradicated a total of 6,032.42 hectares of illegal coca crops.

The work to reduce the coca-growing space has so far been carried out on 2,403 plots located in two operational axes: Constitucion and Tamaya, which involve Huanuco, Pasco, and Ucayali regions.

According to a recent report from the Corah special project, these efforts contributed to neutralizing the production of 55.26 tons of cocaine hydrochloride.

The same report shows that 3,079.18 hectares of illegal coca leaf crops have been so far destroyed in Ucayali, followed by 2,776.48 in Huanuco and 176.76 in Pasco.

For 2024, the goal set by the Peruvian Government is to destroy 25,000 hectares of these plantations -within the framework of the National Anti-Drug Policy by 2030.

The eradication efforts, carried out by personnel from the aforementioned special project supported by a contingent from the Peruvian National Police Anti-Drug Directorate (Dirandro), also served to locate and destroy 11 clandestine rustic laboratories used for the production of cocaine drugs.

These actions are part of the Peruvian Government's efforts to combat illicit drug trafficking, as well as to boost the safety and well-being of citizens.


Publicado: 9/6/2024