Peru: Judiciary declares former President Kuczynski's request to travel abroad unfounded

Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vinces

Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vinces

16:01 | Lima, Dec. 5.

The Judiciary on Tuesday declared former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's request to travel abroad over health reasons unfounded.

Said petition has been raised by the legal defense of the aforementioned former president, currently immersed in proceedings over alleged money laundering —within the framework of the investigation into his participation in the Westfield Capital company and the Lava Jato case.

Judge Jorge Chavez, who heads the Seventh National Preparatory Investigation Court, announced the decision by this instance, after listening to the arguments of Kuczynski's lawyer.

Medical checkup

The decision responded to the former president's request to travel to the United States between December 11 and 18 to undergo a medical examination.

The procedure was supposed to be performed at medical facility in the city of Rochester, State of Minnesota, according to the petition.

Kuczynski's lawyer argued that this becomes necessary after the malfunctioning of an aortic valve prosthesis has been reported. It was implemented in his body two decades ago.

In this regard, Judge Chavez indicated that the request is declared unfounded since there is a high flight risk on the part of the former president.

The magistrate also alleged that Kuczynski can undergo a similar examination at a medical establishment in Peru.


Pedro Pablo Kuczynski served as President of the Republic from July 2016 until March 2018, when he resigned from office amid a political scandal.

The Public Ministry requests a 35-year prison sentence for Kuczynski. He is accused of having allegedly been part of a criminal organization.


Publicado: 5/12/2023