Peru: Prosecutor requests 35 years in prison for former President Kuczynski

Photo: ANDINA/Judicial Branch of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Judicial Branch of Peru

16:43 | Lima, May. 12.

The First Office of the Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group —headed by Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez— has filed an accusation against former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski over the crime of money laundering, with criminal organization as an aggravating factor.

The Public Ministry requests a 35-year prison sentence for Kuczynski. He is accused of having allegedly been part of a criminal organization.

According to the prosecutorial hypothesis, the alleged organization received more than US$12 million from Brazilian company Odebrecht and others over consulting services and hidden advice for the Olmos, IIRSA, and Rutas de Lima public works, among others.

Four natural persons and four legal persons were also included in the prosecutor's accusation, against whom sentences ranging from 11 to 35 years of imprisonment have been requested.

Kuczynski became President of the Republic in July 2016. PPK was expected to lead the country for a five-year term. However, he resigned amid a political scandal in March 2018.


Published: 5/12/2023