Peru: Harvey Colchado acted as undercover agent within protocols, says his lawyer

Photo: ANDINA/Jose Vadillo Vila

Photo: ANDINA/Jose Vadillo Vila

18:05 | Lima, May. 13.

Peruvian National Police Colonel Harvey Colchado acted as an undercover agent at meetings with lawyer Mateo Castañeda within the protocols of a procedural investigation, said Colchado's attorney, Miguel Perez Arroyo, who ruled out a possible instigation for the gathering.

"The meetings have not been (held) at the request of Colchado or Colonel Walter Lozano; according to the information made public, it was at the request of Mateo Castañeda, through friends," Perez Arroyo indicated.

Faced with this situation -the lawyer said- action is taken in accordance with "the procedural investigation protocols provided for in the Criminal Procedure Code" and what corresponds is to "report to the superior, who in this case is Prosecutor Marita Barreto, and a special investigative technique is established which is (to serve as) an undercover agent."

Perez Arroyo explained that the objective of an undercover agent is to claim immunity from the meeting he will attend, because he is called by an investigated person or the representative of an investigated person; secondly, it is to gather and preserve evidence, as well as establish minutes of the finding.

"The superiors were informed about what happened there; a report was made, a police report saying 'I met with this person, the proposals were these,' there are probably audio and video recordings," he indicated.

In that regard, Perez Arroyo ruled out that his client had instigated for a meeting to be held with Mateo Castañeda, President Dina Boluarte's lawyer, or that a trap had been set for Castañeda, as the latter denounced.

"The ambush means a staging and provoking Castañeda to make an offer; well, that does not seem to be the case; the allegation is that there was an offer in exchange for shelving an investigation," he said.

Perez Arroyo commented that among the documents found in Castañeda's office there might be a document that Colchado had submitted to the Police Inspectorate Office regarding a third imputation against himself, the same one that was presented one day before the raid and was not public knowledge.

It led to the 10-day preliminary detention of some people, including Mateo Castañeda and Nicanor Boluarte.


Publicado: 13/5/2024