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Peru: Extraordinary Council of Ministers to address frost, cold spell

16:13 | Juliaca (Puno region), Jun. 22.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Wednesday announced that he will soon schedule an extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers so as to address the problem of frost and cold spell in Peru.

During the first meeting for the development of Puno region held in Juliaca, Mr. Castillo reported that upon his return to Lima he will summon Prime Minister Anibal Torres to hold this session immediately.

Similarly, the Head of State called on lawmakers of Puno region and High-Andean areas to join this initiative.

Likewise, the top official expressed his commitment to allocate a budget for the public works required by Puno on issues such as drinking water, sanitation, sewerage, and storm drainage.

Mr. Castillo stressed that it is necessary to promote agriculture and the distribution of products grown in Puno.

Furthermore, he asked Transportation Minister Juan Barranzuela to receive mayors and deploy technical teams that allow the viability, for instance, of carriage trails required by farmers.

He also said that immediate actions were taken in the face of the fertilizer shortage, such as the distribution of guano from the island until the recently-purchased fertilizers arrive in Peru.

From Puno —he detailed— 300 tons will arrive for areas such as Sandia, Macusani, Azangaro, Ayaviri, and Juli.

Faced with the immediate need for the Juliaca-Puno Highway, the President said this project cannot remain postponed.

The Head of State also ratified the Government's willingness for the electrification of Azangaro and implementation of the primary care level in Puno provinces.

Moreover, the top official mentioned that a contract has been signed to resume the preparation of the technical file for storm drainage in Juliaca.

Regarding the decontamination of Lake Titicaca, he reported on expansion works for wastewater treatment entailing an investment of S/1.186 billion (about US$319 million) through public-private partnerships.

More than 1,000 residents, leaders of social organizations, regional authorities, mayors and legislators representing this region attended the first meeting for the development of Puno.


Publicado: 22/6/2022