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Peru: Exports to Pacific Alliance total US$702.7 million as of March 2022

Photo: ADEX

Photo: ADEX

16:16 | Lima, May. 12.

Peruvian exports to other countries of the Pacific Alliance (PA) –bloc composed of Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru– totaled US$702.78 million during the first quarter of 2022. This represented a rise of 2.5% over the same period of 2021, the Association of Peruvian Exporters (Adex) reported on Thursday.

According to the guild, this advance was boosted by non-traditional exports (US$557.9 million), which represented 79.4% of the total and showed a positive variation of 9.9%.

For their part, primary exports (US$144.8 million), which accounted for 20.6%, contracted by 18.6%.

ADEX said that, although most of the sectors registered positive figures, some experienced declines. This was the case of traditional mining (-46.4%), metal-mechanic industry (-4%), others (-11.1%), as well as fishing for direct human consumption (-25.8%).


ADEX stressed that agribusiness (US$163.1 million) was the most important sector —having registered a rise of 5.1% and a participation of 23.2% mainly due to shipments of fresh grapes (US$39.8 million) and paprika (US$17.8 million).

The chemical sector came second in the ranking (US$146.8 million), highlighting sulfuric acid (US$36.2 million) and tires (US$10 million).

Products from the sectors: iron and steel (US$89.7 million), non-metallic mining (US$34.3 million), textiles (US$30.5 million), miscellaneous (US$25.9 million), garment (US$16.8 million), fishing for direct human consumption (US$8.7 million), and woods (US$3.1 million) were also exported to the bloc.

In the case of primary shipments, the first place went to the mining sector (US$64.1 million), followed by oil and natural gas (US$39.3 million), traditional agriculture (US$30.8 million), and traditional fishing (US$10.4 million).

Despite suffering a contraction of 8.5%, Chile (with shipments worth US$317 million) was the main destination for Peruvian exports to the Pacific Alliance

In this sense, chemicals (US$82 million) and agribusiness (US$57.1 million) stood out, with variations of +28.4% and -16.6%.

The important items were sulfuric acid (US$36.2 million), molybdenum (US$23.3 million), residual 6 (US$21.4 million), fish fats and oil (US$9.9 million), plates and tiles (US$9.2 million), among others.


In the case of Colombia, this country imported Peruvian goods worth US$219.3 million —a growth of 10.6%. Within this framework, iron-steel (US$69.1 million) was the most relevant sector.

Among the most requested products, refined copper wire (US$46.5 million), other non-decaffeinated coffees (US$21.8 million), and unalloyed zinc (US$10.1 million) stood out.


Mexico's demand for Peruvian products reached US$166.3 million, an increase of 18.2% compared to the first quarter of 2021.

Agribusiness (US$75.3 million) was the leading activity, highlighting fresh grapes and paprika.

Products from the sectors: chemical (US$27.5 million), traditional mining (US$19 million), iron and steel (US$10.9 million), among others, were also shipped to the North American country.


Publicado: 12/5/2022