Peru: Actor Diego Bertie dead at 54

Photo: Instagram/diegobertieb

Photo: Instagram/diegobertieb

10:14 | Lima, Aug. 5.

Outstanding Peruvian actor, singer, and composer Diego Bertie passed away on Friday after falling from the 14th floor of the building where he lived, located in Lima's Miraflores district.

The José Casimiro Ulloa Emergency Hospital's Communications Office reported that Diego Bertie Brignardello was brought into the facility at 04:10 a.m. (local time) and immediately attended to by health professionals, who confirmed his death.

Hospital officials lamented what happened and expressed their deepest condolences to the family and friends of the artist.

54-year-old Bertie became known in the world of arts as a performer with the Peruvian band "Imágenes."

His foray into music took place in 1986. Then he was discovered and entered the world of soap operas, theater, and films.

He started in "Rosa de América" in 1988 to later become part of Peruvian series such as "El Hombre que Debe Morir."

Afterwards, he was cast in the soap opera, which catapulted him to fame, "Natacha" —also starring Peruvian actor Paul Martin and Venezuelan actress Maricarmen Regueiro.

Bertie was cast in other popular TV productions, such as "Canela," "Obsesión," "Leonela," "Muriendo de Amor," "Cosas del Amor," "Los Exitosos Gomes," "Al Fondo hay Sitio," "El Regreso de Lucas," and "De Vuelta al Barrio."

He also starred in the films "Reportaje a la Muerte," "Bajo La Piel," and "Una Sombra al Frente," among others.


Publicado: 5/8/2022