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Peru: 90% of reservations in Cusco canceled due to protests

13:10 | Cusco (Cusco region), Jan. 17.

The standstill implemented by a sector of the population in Cusco severely affects the tourism sector. Moreover, the region's Chamber of Commerce confirmed that 90% of reservations have been canceled until the end of March.

The organization said that out of the 3,000 tourists who used to visit Cusco daily, very few travelers arrive in the region now. 

They were able to do so via irregular flights (due to the attempts to take over Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport), passing through blocked roads after truces or simply walking alongside demonstrators and picketers who remain on the roads.

"Cusco's Main Square looks like a desert. Machu Picchu may be receiving some 200 tourists a day, or 300 in the best possible scenario. The other (archaeological) parks also look desolate," John Gonzales, head of the Cusco Chamber of Commerce, said in statements to Andina news agency.

The spokesperson estimated that 60% of people in Cusco depend (directly or indirectly) on tourism, as they are part of the chain comprised of hotels, restaurants, farmers, tour guides, carriers, artisans, among others, which is totally affected now.

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The political crisis, constant demonstrations, road blockades, deaths caused by clashes between the police and demonstrators, and the emergence of vandals who commit looting, echo around the world because the tourists who managed to leave the country and the international community recommend not visiting Peru.

"They say that, on the one hand, Peru is beautiful, Cusco is beautiful, but there is a lot of insecurity; and, on the other hand, they recommend not visiting Peru due to the level of insecurity," Gonzales explained.

"The latest recommendations came from the United States and Canada. Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia did the same before, and I also read on social media that in Europe it is being suggested that people should not come to Peru, which shows a chaotic situation," he added.


Publicado: 17/1/2023