Peru: 5,000 vaccination stations to be available in 2nd round of national campaign



09:50 | Lima, Nov. 7.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) will set up about 5,000 immunization stations during the second round of the National Vaccination Campaign running in Peru from November 7 to 8.

The aim of this national campaign is to protect the population from vaccine-preventable illnesses such as tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria, pneumonia, measles, rubella, chickenpox, among others.

Maria Ticona, head of Minsa's Immunization Department, noted that people can find the vaccination stations that are located close to their homes by accessing the link provided by the ministry.

She encouraged parents to identify their children's pending vaccinations and attend the nearest vaccination stations. Teenagers, pregnant mothers, adults, and the elderly will also receive their respective doses.

The Minsa official reminded people to maintain social distancing of one meter from one another, wear a face mask, and avoid crowds at all times.

The campaign will be carried out in coordination with regional governments, local governments, the Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud), private-run Health Service Provider Institutions (IPRESS), the Metropolitan System of Solidarity (SISOL-Salud), COVID-19 community committees, community health agents, among others.

On Friday, Deputy Public Health Minister Luis Suarez affirmed that there is no reason to generate national alarm about diphtheria, nor is a specific vaccination day against this disease necessary.

Suarez specified that the national epidemiological alert was declared by Minsa last Wednesday, so that all health services are attentive to any suspected case of diphtheria.

"It was an epidemiological alert, these are not alarms. It means that all the country's health services must be vigilant, and no new cases have been identified so far," he concluded.


Publicado: 7/11/2020