Mexico postpones visa requirement for Peruvians until May 6

Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vinces.

Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vinces.

14:24 | Lima, Apr. 18.

The Government of Mexico has postponed the visa requirement imposed on Peruvian citizens seeking to visit that country, either for tourism or business purposes, until May 6, 2024.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the Embassy of Mexico in Lima confirmed the information and noted that this new date replaces the previous announcement stating that the measure would come into effect from April 20.

The document also states that Peruvians wishing to visit Mexico before May 6, 2024, will be able to do so without a visa.

The Embassy of Mexico pledged to continue implementing measures to assist —in an extraordinary way— people who have bought tickets before April 6 and have booked an appointment in the corresponding form.

"In the coming days, these people will be notified by email about the date of the appointment for the visa application process," the diplomatic mission in Lima said.

Likewise, the Mexican Embassy indicated that it will continue scheduling extraordinary appointments for those who have bought tickets before April 6 (day of the visa requirement announcement) for trips booked for a date after May 5 and that are listed on this link.

In turn, regular appointments (for people not listed on the extraordinary form) will be available on Mi Consulado (My Consulate) app starting April 29. 


Publicado: 18/4/2024