Lyrical soprano Scarlet D'Carpio covers National Anthem of Peru

14:37 | Lima, Jul. 27.

Prior to celebrating Peru's National Independence Holiday on July 28, lyrical soprano Scarlet D'Carpio has released a new version of the National Anthem, which she produced —during the mandatory quarantine against COVID-19— to motivate her compatriots.

From her home, D'Carpio contacted sound engineer Francisco Garcia Ayllon and arranger Raul Abad in New Jersey (U.S.) to create this unique version of the national song.

"I wanted to record the National Anthem of Peru using my own style, seeking to innovate and —at the same time— preserve and accentuate the rhythms of Peruvian music," she expressed.

Her version is a new way of "viewing the Peruvian Anthem from the harmonic lens of jazz. In addition, it uses the rhythmic language of coastal music. It starts with a melodious Zamacueca and ends with a Marinera tone."

"Although these Holidays we will not celebrate in the usual way due to the pandemic, I did not want the day of Peru to run out of music," D'Carpio said of her initiative.

This is the first project for which the singer became a music and video producer.


Publicado: 27/7/2020