Framework Climate Change Law to enhance prevention efforts in Peru

14:11 | Lima, Apr. 17.

Peru's Environment Minister Fabiola Muñoz on Tuesday highlighted the recently-enacted Framework Climate Change Law, saying it will help strengthen prevention efforts across the country.

"From now on, if we think about investing, we are going to make sure projects are sustainable so that roads are not affected by flood damage," the government official expressed.

"Plus, we are going to make the most of rain, develop a green infrastructure, and work with the population," the cabinet member added at the enactment ceremony led by President Martin Vizcarra.

Muñoz stated climate change affects all Peruvians and that Peru's biodiversity is enormous but fragile and vulnerable.

"We have to be prepared and take a preventive approach while carrying out our work in order to prevent natural disasters —caused by climate change— from causing mass destruction," she pointed out.

According to the government official, the Framework Climate Change Law —which follows similar legislative initiatives in other countries— will strengthen the institutional framework in Peru.

On the other hand, the High-Level Commission on Climate Change will work on projects, promote climate change research, and improve sustainable practices.

Aimed at reducing the country's vulnerability to climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, the legislation was enacted Tuesday within the framework of the GORE-Executive (Executive Branch and Regional Governors Meeting) held at Lima's Government Palace.

"Today, we witness an important event. The Framework Climate Change Law enables us to view the future with optimism and face it together. We are convinced a climate-responsible country can grow and has a forward-looking approach," said President Vizcarra during the ceremony.


Publicado: 17/4/2018