Carlos Ramos is sworn in as Peru's Attorney General

New Attorney General of Peru, Carlos Ramos Heredia. Photo: ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

15:57 | Lima, May 12.

Carlos Ramos Heredia was sworn in as the new Attorney General of Peru for the next three years on Monday noon, replacing Jose Pelaez as nation’s chief law enforcement officer.
Ramos Heredia, former Peru’s supreme state prosecutor, took the oath in a ceremony held at the Public Ministry, in the nation’s capital Lima, with various government’s senior officials and lawmakers watching.

During his inaugural address, Ramos vowed to maintain a high pressure campaign to root out corruption, crime and drug trafficking, warning the fight is vital for the Andean nation’s integrity in mid and long-term

At the public oath-taking, he placed his left hand on the Bible, as he raised his right hand to repeat the oath administered by the Peruvian President Ollanta Humala Tasso.

Following Ramos' swearing-in, President Humala praised him, saying that the "attorney general has my complete confidence" and that he has been "a model of service" with a "deep dedication to the cause of justice."

Attending the oath ceremony were several top officials, including the chairman of the Peruvian Judiciary, Enrique Mendoza; the head of the Constitutional Court, Oscar Urviola; National Council of Magistrates’ (CNM) President, Pablo Talavera. 


Publicado: 12/5/2014