APEC: Applications open for Healthy Women Research Prize

Photo: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum

Photo: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum

12:54 | Lima, Apr. 4.

Applications for the 2024 APEC Healthy Women, Healthy Economies Research Prize —which calls for innovative research on the link between women's health and economic participation— are now open, the bloc's Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy has announced.

The annual prize recognizes research that enables policymakers, business leaders, and other stakeholders to shape policies that will further boost women's full economic participation.

It aims to encourage the creation of sex-disaggregated data and gender-based research within APEC member economies. The initiative was launched in 2019 and is supported by Merck. 

Interested candidates may access the application form through this link. The application deadline is May 17, 2024

"Women, compared to men, spend a greater portion of their lives in poor health, which restricts their ability to fully engage in domestic, community, and economic activities," said Chantelle Stratford PSM, Chair of APEC's Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy.

"Initiatives like APEC's Healthy Women, Healthy Economies, which champion innovative feminist research to tackle these challenges and eliminate gender inequality, create ripple effects that contribute to a more inclusive, robust, and sustainable global economy," Stratford added. 

In 2023, the prize was awarded to Dr. Jason Junjie Huang of the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion.

His study, in collaboration with the Non-Communicable Diseases Working Group of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Global Health Program, investigated the global burden of endometrial cancer, one of the most common cancers affecting women.

Dr. Huang's research highlighted that many of the risk factors that contribute to endometrial cancer are lifestyle choices, and that education campaigns, as well as investing in preventive measures, and early detection are critical for raising awareness and reducing its incidence. 

"I strongly encourage applications from women researchers across the Asia-Pacific region to join our efforts in bridging the gender gap in research and leadership. Empowering women researchers is not just a matter of equity, it is a catalyst for innovation and progress," Stratford said.

"Together, we can create a more inclusive and dynamic scientific community that reflects the diversity of our society," she added.

Applicants for the 2024 APEC Healthy Women, Healthy Economies Research Prize can be individuals or teams, with the stipulation that one official participant be from an APEC member economy. 

Applicants do not need to come from academia as long as the research is evidence-based and addresses at least one of the pillars outlined in the Healthy Women, Healthy Economies Policy Toolkit: 

  • Workplace health and safety
  • Health awareness and access
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Gender-based violence
  • Work/life balance
The winner will receive US$20,000 and their research will be featured at a ceremony during the Third APEC Senior Officials' Meeting in Lima, Peru. The two runners-up will receive US$5,000 each.

"At Merck, we believe healthcare companies have a responsibility to invest in and prioritize women's health," said Hong Chow, Executive Vice-President, Head of China & International, Healthcare Business of Merck. 

"When we join forces with government and civil society to drive innovation and solutions for women, we enable gender-responsive care and a healthier economy for all," Chow concluded.

For more information, please visit the APEC Healthy Women, Healthy Economies website or contact for further details.

Editor's note: Information provided by the APEC Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy.


Publicado: 4/4/2024