Peru to reduce childhood anemia by 19% thru 2021

El presidente del Consejo de Ministros, Fernando Zavala, lanzó hoy una campaña masiva del gobierno contra la anemia infantil y la desnutrición cuyo objetivo es combatir esta enfermedad y reducirla al 19% el año 2021.Foto: ANDINA/ Norman Cordova

10:08 | Lima, Jun. 20.

Prime Minister Fernando Zavala on Tuesday said the Peruvian Government's objective is to reduce anemia in children by 19% through 2021.

The high-ranking official recalled childhood anemia affects 43.5% of children under age three.

"Meaning, one in two children suffer from anemia that, if not treated, can affect their development; however, if detected early, the child will be able to grow normally," he expressed.

During the launch of a campaign to combat childhood anemia and malnutrition, Zavala called on parents to bring their kids to healthcare centers, where anemia can be detected and appropriate medication is administered. 

"Let's promote this campaign; it is important because it may change the life of Peruvian children," he told the press.

Zavala informed of further actions, such as a media campaign to explore anemia implications and explain that control is possible.

Besides the Cabinet chief, the launch saw the presence of Ministers Patricia Garcia (Health) and Cayetana Aljovin (Social Development and Inclusion), who convened at Korea-Peru Pachacutec Health Care Center in Ventanilla district, Lima.


Published: 6/20/2017