World Cup: Peru secures its future, awaits Gareca's response to contract renewal offer

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

11:02 | Lima, Jun. 27.

Peru leaves the World Cup tournament with two goals for, two against, and only three points on the table, with the chance of extending Gareca's contract hanging in the balance, but confident this generation of players he led is prepared to compete at the highest level.

"Several factors shall be considered before making a decision. Taking a prudent time to think things over and cool down," said coach Ricardo Gareca, known as El Tigre (The Tiger), who had signed a contract with the Peruvian national team until the 2018 World Cup.

Gareca's remarks were made after the Incas defeated their Australian counterparts in their last Group C match Tuesday at Fisht Stadium in Sochi.

In Russia, several players confirmed the step forward they had taken in the South American qualifying campaign.

The entire world got to know the side that had led Peru back to the World Cup after a 36-year absence, with a 15-game unbeaten streak before their first match of the World Cup group stage.

Andre Carrillo, the star

Carrillo's standout performance was anticipated before the World Cup's kick off, and there is no doubt he has been the best of the Incas in the last three matches. 

He leaves Russia with the honor of having scored the first goal for Peru. With this 2-0 win over Australia, Peruvians had their first victory in the World Cup in 40 years. 

Striker Paolo Guerrero assisted on the first goal when Carrillo volleyed the cross in the 18th minute.

Edison Flores, key first-team player

Edison 'Big Ears' Flores, 24, is one of the most popular players among fans. He cemented himself as a first-team player in Russia 2018.

Aquino and Santamaria, the surprises

Lacking any leading role, both Pedro Aquino and Anderson Santamaria jumped on to the Peru train showing the Andean nation has plenty of players to pick from.


Published: 6/27/2018
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