U.S. supports Peru's environmental protection policies

14:37 | Lima, Aug. 30.

The United States Government is firmly committed to continue supporting Peruvian authorities' environmental protection policies, as well as the fight against illegal mining and logging, U.S. Ambassador to Lima Krishna R. Urs affirmed Thursday.

Through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington D.C. has financed various programs aimed at combating illegal mining and logging, as well as boosting the development of alternative crops in former coca-growing areas, Urs told Andina News Agency. 

"Peru recognizes the need to protect the environment. The country has made a major effort to create new parks and national reserves in order to protect the environment, especially in the rainforest," the diplomat pointed out.

According to the official, the North American nation currently works with Peruvian authorities to follow up and monitor the whole timber trade that starts in the Inca country and arrives in the U.S. as well as other foreign markets. 

Moreover, the diplomat highlighted the implementation of the Green Infrastructure Program, designed to improve water quality in the Peruvian rainforest's mountain regions to assist the area's population. 

"We are committed to Peru, and a significant part of our aid is directly aimed at supporting the country's effort to protect the environment," he added. 

Within this framework, Urs addressed the level of commitment to the environment which is promoted by North American companies based in the Inca country. 

He mentioned the case of HP, whose program provides an easy way to recycle computer equipment from firms, State-run institutions, and the public to be reused in the manufacture of similar products in the United States.

"We back this initiative; we are glad we can support U.S. companies in Peru. We are partners with the Inca country, allies, and friends in the bilateral relationship, being the economic ties one of the most important affairs," he underlined.


Published: 8/30/2018
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