U.S. increases to almost $26 million humanitarian aid for Venezuelans in Peru

00:00 | Washington D.C. (U.S.), Apr. 11.

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence has announced that the United States is providing nearly US$61 million in additional humanitarian assistance to support the regional response for the 3.4 million Venezuelans who have fled the man-made crisis in their country.

With this new funding, the United States has now provided nearly $26 million in humanitarian assistance to vulnerable Venezuelans in Peru.

The Vice-President announced the new funding during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council focused on the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. This assistance complements the efforts of host countries in the region to help those who have fled repression and chaos in Venezuela.

An average of 5,000 people departed Venezuela per day during 2018, according to the United Nations. Peru has welcomed approximately 720,000 of those fleeing Venezuela's deepening political and man-made economic crisis. The United States recognizes the need to increase support for these populations.

The new assistance announced by Vice President Pence includes more than US$12 million, provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), to help thousands of the most vulnerable Venezuelans in Peru.

This funding will support USAID humanitarian partners Save the Children and World Vision to provide direct assistance to Venezuelans, particularly mothers and children, offering them the flexibility to secure what they need most —whether food or household items from local markets, personal supplies, or a place to stay.

In addition, Save the Children and World Vision will provide hot meals and kitchen supplies to shelters and community kitchens in multiple urban areas of Peru with high concentrations of Venezuelan migrants and refugees.


Published: 4/11/2019
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