Spain releases Peruvian ex-Judge Hinostroza with restrictions

Photo: EFE

Photo: EFE

12:44 | Madrid (Spain), Apr. 11.

The Spanish National Court on Thursday released Peruvian ex-Supreme Judge Cesar Hinostroza with precautionary measures.

In this sense, Hinostroza is prohibited from leaving the European country, must establish residence in Spanish territory, and he must appear before court twice a week, among other measures. 

It should be noted his Peru-related extradition process is still ongoing.

About the case

Cesar Hinostroza is implicated in a series of audio recordings released by Panorama TV show and investigative journalism site IDL-Reporteros in July 2018.

In the unethical conversations, the former judge offers and accepts favors to and from National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) members and other officials. These corrupt actions were harshly criticized by most Peruvians, including President Martin Vizcarra.

He was also accused of allegedly committing the crimes of illegal sponsorship, influence peddling, and incompatible negotiation.

It must be noted the Judiciary —last July— approved a request to forbid Hinostroza from leaving the country

However, the ex-judge left the Inca nation through a border control point in northern Tumbes region on October 7. 

On October 17, the Judicial Branch issued a search notice and an international arrest warrant against ex-Supreme Court Judge Hinostroza, following a preventive detention request by the Public Ministry.

Two days later President Vizcarra confirmed the ex-magistrate's arrest in Madrid.

Last December, Spain rejected an asylum request by the dismissed judge. This decision strengthened the extradition request by Peru.


Published: 4/11/2019
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