President Vizcarra requests political forces to join Peru Pact


13:43 | Lima, Jul. 29.

President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday requested the country's political forces to join the Peru Pact, which seeks to build a set of essential agreements with a view to the Independence Bicentennial in 2021.

The Head of State pointed out that the proposal —raised in his Address to the Nation on July 28— seeks to guarantee an orderly transition by listening to citizens' demands.

"I hope that political forces are willing to participate in the search for consensus in the country," he expressed in this sense.

Likewise, the top official recalled that —when he became President in March 2018— he pledged to serve the people, adding that he will do so until his last day in office.

Said oath, he emphasized, is not different from that made by military and police members when they enlist, nor from that made by health professionals when they join their service.

"We all have a great responsibility, that of serving others," he remarked.

Within this framework, the top official affirmed that —in his Address to the Nation— he outlined the path to be followed by the country until July 28, 2021, the Independence Bicentennial date.


Published: 7/29/2020
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