President Vizcarra requests Peruvians to change their habits, go outside only if necessary

12:29 | Lima, Apr. 11.

President Martín Vizcarra on Saturday afternoon called on Peruvian citizens to change their habits and customs that may put them at risk against the coronavirus (COVID-19), while commenting on the influx of people seen at markets.

"This disease is changing the history of humanity and forces us to change customs and habits; without that, we will not adequately combat it," he expressed.

The top official warned that there is a significant percentage of infected people who do not show any symptoms, and a person can be next to someone believing that he/she is well while —at the same moment— running the risk of getting infected.

In addition, the statesman said that one asymptomatic person can take the virus home, where senior family members or relatives with pre-existing conditions —considered a vulnerable population— could be harmed.

"We can bring death to our home," the President warned Peruvians, insisting on his request to stay home and leave it only in case of emergencies, thus avoiding crowds.

Remarks were made in a televised Address to the Nation, within the framework of a mandatory social isolation imposed to prevent the COVID-19 from further spreading in the South American country.

On this occasion, the President was joined by Health Minister Victor Zamora and Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud) Executive-President Fiorella Molinelli. The event was held at San Isidro Labrador Hospital in Lima's Ate district.

Saturday marks the twenty-seventh day of mandatory social isolation.


Published: 4/11/2020
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