President Vizcarra: Coronavirus cases rise to 635 in Peru

13:21 | Lima, Mar. 27.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday afternoon confirmed that coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have increased to 635 in Peru —out of a total of 10,065 samples taken.

The Head of State explained that 79 patients are hospitalized, of whom 21 are in intensive care unit; of the latter, 19 are connected to mechanical ventilation.

According to the top official, the evolution of this disease is within the parameters that the Government projected to control in this period.

The statesman reiterated the call on citizens to act responsibly, as well as to respect the compulsory social isolation and immobilization to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"This war against the disease will be won by all of us, together. We cannot give the virus any advantages," he expressed.

Moreover, Mr. Vizcarra publicly praised the health personnel who care for patients and work against coronavirus in the South American country.

Remarks were made in a televised press conference, within the framework of a 
mandatory social isolation imposed to prevent the COVID-19 from further spreading in the South American country.

On this occasion, the President was joined by members of the Council of Ministers and other authorities. The event was held at the Government Palace in Lima.

Friday marks the twelfth day of mandatory social isolation.


Published: 3/27/2020
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