Curfew against coronavirus kicks off in Peru

ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

21:00 | Lima, Mar. 18.

The mandatory social immobilization measure decreed earlier today by the Government started in Peru on Wednesday night.

According to Supreme Decree No. 046-2020-PCM, strictly necessary personnel —who participate in the provision of food, health, medicine, gas, and fuels; continuity of water, sanitation, and electricity services— are exempt from the measure.

Staff in charge of telecommunications; cleaning and solid waste collection; funeral services; cargo-merchandise transportation; and related activities are also shielded from the order.

Written, radio, and television press members are allowed to broadcast during the period of mandatory social immobilization provided that they carry their special transit permits, respective badges, and ID cards for identification purposes. The authorization includes mobile units that transport them.

In addition, the people who require urgent or emergency medical attention —because their health is at serious risk— are allowed to circulate.

During the state of emergency, the use of private vehicles is prohibited, except the vehicles necessary for the provision of health, food, and the other services mentioned above.

Members of the Peruvian National Police and Armed Forces are enforcing the law and overseeing the compliance with the order.

During a press conference, President Martin Vizcarra explained that this measure was taken because there is a small percentage of citizens who do not respect the restrictions that are part of the state of emergency and are "playing with their health and that of the rest of Peruvians."


Published: 3/18/2020