President: Peru coordinates with five laboratories to acquire 30 million COVID-19 vaccines

Photo: ANDINA/Difusion

13:33 | Lima, Aug. 20.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Thursday reported that Peru is in talks with representatives of five laboratories from different parts of the world to make possible the acquisition of 30 million doses of vaccines against coronavirus.

The measure is intended to benefit more than 90% of the population.

Within this framework, the Head of State reported that the Government makes contacts with laboratories to carry out clinical trials in the country.

The top official indicated that those laboratories are Sinovac (China)-Instituto Butantan (Brazil), AstraZeneca (United Kingdom), Sinopharm (China), Pfizer (USA), and COVAX Facility (multilateral initiative).

According to the statesman, Peru will also participate in the global initiative promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) —through the COVAX Facility— to vaccinate at least 20% of each country's population, which is equivalent to 6.6 million Peruvians, especially older adults and people with comorbidities.

"Peru will confirm its participation in this initiative; we have until September 15 to make the advance payment. Yesterday, at the Council of Ministers session, we agreed to provide the facilities to become part (of the initiative) through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)," he expressed.

The Peruvian leader noted that "if we want to protect the entire Peruvian population, we should think not only about vaccines for 20% of the national population, but also about relying on a greater quantity. That is why we are in talks with the five aforementioned laboratories." 

Lastly, Mr. Vizcarra said that the Peruvian Government does not rule out any possibility when it comes to obtaining vaccines against coronavirus.

Clinical trials

On the other hand, the Head of State indicated that the participation of Peruvian citizens in different clinical trials is being arranged, adding that 6,000 volunteers will join those of Sinopharm laboratory on August 24.

The same coordination for clinical trials is carried out with the laboratories AstraZeneca-University of Oxford for August, Johnson & Johnson for September, and Imperial College for October, as well as with CureVac (Germany), Sinovac and CanSino (China).


Published: 8/20/2020
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