Clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine candidates expected to begin in October in Peru

13:04 | Lima, Aug. 12.

The clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine candidates are expected to begin in October, National Council for Science and Technological Innovation (Concytec) Chairwoman Fabiola Leon-Velarde estimated on Wednesday.

It must be noted that Concytec is part of the temporary Multisectoral Commission set up to monitor the actions aimed at the development, production, acquisition, donation and distribution of vaccines and/or treatments against COVID-19.

The commission is made up of entities such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy, the Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud), Concytec, among others, and will commence operations in the coming days to ensure the discovery and access to the vaccines so as to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

"The fact of being part of a Phase III clinical trial gives us an advantage, especially if we contribute some resources, but we must be prepared to buy them (the vaccines)," Leon-Velarde told Andina news agency.

To that end, she said, Concytec will provide information on the scientific community in Peru to the Multisectoral Commission. 

"The research groups that propose vaccine candidates have to communicate with the Peruvian researchers in charge of conducting the Phase III clinical trials," she explained.


Published: 8/12/2020
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