Deputy Health Min: COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in Peru between March-May 2021

02:04 | Lima, Aug. 18.

Deputy Health Minister Luis Suarez affirmed that Peru is making great efforts to rely on the vaccine against COVID-19 between the first and second quarters of next year.

"At this time, none of the eight most advanced vaccines has completed phase 3. It is estimated that this phase should end between October and December (2020). However, prior to mass production, vaccines must obtain approval from regulatory bodies such as the FDA," said the official.

The health authority indicated that Peru is working under three different mechanisms. 

"The first is carried out through direct purchase from the producing laboratories. To this end, a multisectoral commission has been set up that works based on confidentiality agreements to receive detailed information on the development of each vaccine," Suarez reported.

The second is through the Covax Facility, which is an international alliance that seeks to make the vaccine purchasing process and their distribution among low-income countries more equitable.

Finally, the deputy minister announced that —as clinical trials will be carried out in Peru to test the vaccines— reciprocal laboratories will provide doses at a special price or donate batches of these to the country.


Published: 8/18/2020
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