Peru's stance on Venezuela is a State policy

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

16:44 | Lima, Apr. 5.

Peru's decision to reaffirm the withdrawal of President Maduro's invitation to the 8th Summit of the Americas responds to a State policy in the defense of democratic values, Peruvian Ambassador Oscar Maurtua pointed out Thursday.

According to Maurtua, the ratification is based on the Declaration of Quebec City, which states that countries —disrespecting democratic order— cannot participate in this international event. 

"The defense of democratic values is a Peruvian State's policy. The country is committed to the full enjoyment of democracy; in that regard, it is appropriate to reaffirm said position," he expressed.

Last Wednesday, new Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizo pointed out the decision to withdraw Maduro's invitation is firm and "is not up for revision."

In this sense, Maurtua highlighted the appointment of career diplomat Popolizio as the Chief of the Inca country's diplomacy.

Maurtua also recalled the Organization of American States Assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs had noted Peru —as the host country— has the power to invite the Heads of State that will participate in the summit.

In this sense, he noted early presidential elections were called in Venezuela, which did not guarantee legitimacy and credibility, thus affecting democracy and worsening the humanitarian crisis in the neighboring country.

The 8th Summit of the Americas will take place in Lima on April 13-14, 2018.

20 Heads of State and Government have so far confirmed their presence in the event.


Published: 4/5/2018