Peru's President: Vaccination of citizens aged above 80 will begin in Lima, Callao

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

11:30 | Lima, Apr. 14.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Wednesday announced that this Friday the immunization against coronavirus of adults aged above 80, who reside in Lima and Callao, will kick off.

The process is based on the new National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 that has a territorial approach and will rely on the unified action of health personnel.

In this sense, the Head of State pointed out that the goal is to vaccinate 718,000 elders over 80 years old, followed by citizens aged 70-79 and 60-69.

Likewise, the top official affirmed that his commitment is to complete the vaccination of those under 60 by the end of the Transition and Emergency Government's term in office (July 28, 2021).

The statesman explained that the new plan has a territorial approach, prioritizing the areas at highest risk, and will be carried out based on the pattern of the Pongo el Hombro (I lend the shoulder) digital platform through which it will be possible to get to know where, when, and the time at which it corresponds getting vaccinated.

I lend the shoulder

The President explained that the Pongo el Hombro (I lend the shoulder) platform will allow the elderly to be centralized in a single registry, regardless of whether they belong to the Ministry of Health, the Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud), private insurance providers, or military and police institutions, as happened during the first stage of vaccination.


Likewise, the top official informed that —of one million Sinopharm vaccines— 98% of the first dose and 78% of the second dose have been administered, adding that his administration expects to conclude the inoculation with these doses by the end of April.

Concerning the Pfizer doses —purchased directly from the pharmaceutical company and through the COVAX Facility mechanism— 87.3% of the first dose and 36% of the second dose have been administered.

Moreover, the statesman indicated that 276,000 AstraZeneca vaccines will come through COVAX this month, followed by an additional 1.09 million doses in May. "Thus, we will be able to continue vaccinating the elderly and vulnerable people quickly," he commented.

Mr. Sagasti specified that AstraZeneca doses will be distributed mostly nationwide, since the refrigeration conditions (between 2 and 8 Celsius degrees) enable the government to do so.

He also indicated that those under 60 years of age —who are vulnerable— will be incorporated into the vaccination, with the support of the Ethics Commission.


Published: 4/14/2021
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