Peru's PM: Measures seek to protect health and economy of people

Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez. Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic.

Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez. Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic.

10:41 | Lima, Jan. 14.

The measures adopted by the Peruvian Government in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the country seek a balance between the family economy and health of people, Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez reported on Thursday.

In remarks to America Television channel, Bermudez noted that the new provisions announced on Wednesday were adopted based on the different realities of territories, putting regions into three alert levels: moderate alert, high alert, and very high alert.

According to the Cabinet chief, the measures have been introduced while the vaccines —whose first batch has been secured— arrive.

In addition, she stressed the need to keep observing health protocols, such as the use of face masks, physical distancing, and frequent hand hygiene in order to reduce COVID-19 cases.

Moreover, she called on employers in the public and private sectors to promote remote working so as to avoid the movement of people and, thus, the spread of the virus.

Private vehicles

As for the ban on private vehicles on Sundays, which includes Lima Metropolitan Area, she explained that the measure seeks to prevent movement, gatherings, and crowds.

"When we use private cars, more people move around to visit relatives and go shopping. By restricting the movement of private vehicles, we reduce gatherings and crowds," the high-ranking official pointed out.

Public transportation will operate on Sundays, she added, since there are people who need to get to work. 

"Supplementary provisions will be announced tomorrow (January 15)," she noted.


Published: 1/14/2021
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