Peru's Health Min: 'We have gone from outbreak of infections to second COVID-19 wave'

Photo: ANDINA/Ministry of Health of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Ministry of Health of Peru

00:00 | Lima, Jan. 13.

Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti affirmed that Peru has gone from an outbreak to the second wave of COVID-19 given the rapid increase in cases which end up in hospitals.

Therefore, the high-ranking official urged the population to comply with protective measures and not to merely rely on the coming vaccine against coronavirus.

The Cabinet member pointed out that —although the reality of infections is changing and may vary from one moment to another— the possibility of returning to a quarantine cannot be ruled out, "in case the situation gets out of control."

"We are in a situation of uncertainty, and that is hard, but we must be clear about it. We all must be aware that our situation can change at any moment; we have said so this time when we have gone from a low transmission; nonetheless, this is already changing," Dr. Mazzetti expressed.

"At this moment, the health system is receiving more patients, and we see that it is going from a regrowth to a moment in which the number of cases is already increasing very rapidly. We are in a second wave. We are in uncertainty," she emphasized.

However, the minister noted that —unlike what happened in most of 2020— there will already be vaccines available during this second wave to contain the spread of cases.

"(…) Of course, if something gets out of control, we will be forced to take stricter measures. The best contribution we can make is to comply with all biosafety measures; and the second contribution is to reflect on our responsibility towards other citizens and the possibility that we can get vaccinated," she indicated.

Remarks were made during her virtual participation in the Vaccine for All session at the Annual Conference of Executives (CADE-Executives).


Published: 1/13/2021
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