Peru's Health Min urges citizens to take COVID-19 wave seriously

Photo: ANDINA/Ministry of Health of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Ministry of Health of Peru

13:10 | Lima, Jan. 14.

If the Peruvian population does not take prevention and biosafety measures against COVID-19 seriously, any outbreak, small wave, wave, or tsunami of contagions will overwhelm everyone, Peruvian Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti warned on Thursday.

Likewise, the minister warned that —if the situations gets worse— the Government will take stricter measures in terms of restrictions.

"The country is in a difficult economic situation, and we are making great efforts to take measures that are as focalized as possible (…)," she indicated.

The Cabinet member argued that Peru is in a tremendously complex situation, adding that it is at the beginning of a second wave, in which the increase in COVID-19 cases is slower compared to the previous one. However, people still continue to suffer and die because of the pandemic.

After pointing out that there is no health system in the world that can resist COVID-19, Dr. Mazzetti said that now is the time for citizens to show the courage of Peruvians to take things seriously and do them well.

She also highlighted the coordination level at the ministry, along with municipalities and the various regional healthcare subsystems, to activate the primary care level in order to prevent people from becoming critically-ill due to COVID-19.


Published: 1/14/2021
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