Peru welcomed 4.198 million tourists in 2018

17:48 | Lima, Aug. 20.

Peru welcomed a total of 4.198 million tourists in 2018, 65% of them for vacations, the 2018 Foreign Tourist Profile report (PTE) has informed.

According to the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board's (PromPeru) report, 629,708 visitors arrived in the Inca country for business purposes, a 27% increase compared to 2017. 

Concerning tourists' origin —not including Peruvians who reside abroad—, 60% of sightseers were from South America, 18% from North America, and 14% from Europe.

The majority of visitors came from Chile (27%), the United States (14%), and Ecuador (7%). 

The study also revealed the most visited regions were Lima (73%), followed by Cusco (37%), Tacna (28%), Puno (17%), and Arequipa (17%). In average, tourists visited two regions during their stay. 

Likewise, the PTE indicated tourists stayed approximately 10 nights in 2018 and spent US$932 in average. 

Furthermore, Australian visitors spent the most money on their trips to Peru, reaching US$3,573. 


Published: 8/20/2019
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