Peru: Colca Valley, Arequipa's main tourist destination

Valle del Colca

Valle del Colca

15:00 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), Mar. 2.

Colca Valley's tourist inflow saw a rise in the first months of 2018 with 16,164 visitors in February, Colca Autonomous Authority (Autocolca) Manager David Valdivia affirmed.

The figure represents an increase of over 50% from February 2017, when Colca Valley welcomed 10,995 tourists. This way, the valley consolidates its position as southern Peru's favorite tourist attraction

In this sense, the Autocolca authority underlined Colca Valley's growing popularity among national and international tourists in recent months despite the weather (rainy season). 

"This is a low and rainy season. Yet, the tourist inflow in Colca Valley has increased when compared to last year. We are pleased with this, and it commits us to keep working to offer tourists the necessary conditions for a satisfactory stay," Valdivia said. 

The Autocolca official also anticipated positive results in March given tourists' interest in the area, as well as the coming Holy Week long holiday. 

Finally, Valdivia said Autocolca will continue to work on consolidating the valley as a tourist magnet and thus reach 300,000 visitors in 2018

It is worth noting the southern tourist hub received 17,485 visitors in January 2018, which also represents an increase over the same period last year. 


Colca Valley is one of Arequipa region's top attractions.

The area offers numerous tourist services and —besides its natural beauty— visitors come to enjoy the majestic "flight of the condor" —an emblematic Andean bird.

The place is located four hours from Arequipa city, and there is a paved road leading to such natural site. 


Published: 3/2/2018