2.7 million foreign visitors arrived in Peru for vacations

00:02 | Lima, Aug. 8.

2.7 million foreign tourists arrived in Peru exclusively for vacation purposes in 2018, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez has affirmed.

Other reasons to travel to Peru were business-related (15%), as well as the need to visit family or friends (12%). 

Most visited places 

The study also revealed the most visited regions were Lima (68%), Cusco (51%), Tacna (33%), Puno (25%), and Arequipa (22%). 


Likewise, the PTE indicated the average spending of foreign vacationers went from US$988 (2017) to US$1,013 (2018). 

Furthermore, said tourists stayed approximately 10 nights in 2018, while they had spent 9 nights in Peru in 2017.

It should be noted 32% of the visitors purchased their tourist packages through the internet, while 55% paid for at least one service online. 


Published: 8/8/2019